Marketing and PR

Growing your market to capture a bigger share of what’s available is usually unwise. Start by defining “your market.” It should most definitely not be “organizations that need our services.” Instead, it should be “the organizations and individuals we want to serve because they appreciate the kind of quality we deliver and understand that the premium paid for it almost always generates long-term savings and satisfaction.” And John can help you capture more of that market by providing services like baseline assessment and identification of the image your firm needs to be most attractive to those you want to attract. John can facilitate the meetings where you develop your plan, then lay out the various techniques to help you achieve your objectives: brand, image identification, website and collaterals development, PR, advertising, social media, and more, scaled to take maximum advantage of the budget you have today, and the one you plan to have tomorrow.


Script-to-Screen Productions

John began writing screenplays while he was still in college, when then-Warner Brothers/Seven Arts asked him to, in response to nationwide publicity John secured when he helped found and operate Operation Match, the nation’s first computer-dating company. John wrote "The Brothers Match," a somewhat fictional tale of Operation Match behind the scenes. And then Warner Brothers asked him to prepare scenarios for a 13-episode television series, which he did. The TV series was never produced; neither was the movie. But John learned the ropes and, four years later, he secured a job working for Screen Presentations, a small Washington, DC production house that produced mostly training videos for various federal-government agencies. He took his film-writing talents with him when he opened his own firm in 1971, and went on to write and produce TV ads for various clients. Since then, John has been involved in a wide range of film and video productions; he knows his stuff.