eBrownbag is the acclaimed series that entertains while it educates: Viewers learn the consequences of their actions and decisions. John Bachner helps you navigate the minefields of your profession and gain the business, organizational, and other nontechnical skills you need to thrive. eBrownbag is THE training tool for managerial, professional, technical, field, and clerical personnel of technical-professional organizations: engineering firms of all kinds, environmental firms, architectural firms, other technical-consulting firms, industrial organizations, and government entities. The series has 10 episodes. Video presentations are accompanied by supplemental teaching-point handouts you can download here.

Presentation 1: Welcome to Private Practice

Presentation 2: The Roles You Will Play

Presentation 3: What Client Representatives Really Want: Part 1

Presentation 4: What Client Representatives Really Want: Part 2

Presentation 5: The Standard of Care

Presentation 6: Third Parties and Your Duty of Care

Presentation 7: Professional-Liability Insurance

Presentation 8: Justice Theatre

Presentation 9: Managing Your Personal-Liability Risk

Presentation 10: Documentation