Et Cetera

John enjoys providing a variety of additional services, some of which you may find useful.

Board Service: Some firms have advisory boards composed almost entirely of “outsiders”; others include “outside directors” on their board of directors, which involves fiduciary responsibilities that advisory-board members don’t have to worry about. Either way, John can be of service, focused in particular on issues like professional development of staff, marketing, sales, professional liability loss prevention, and more. And to the extent he believes that certain issues could benefit from experience that differs from his own, John knows literally thousands of geoprofessionals, and which of them can be of most assistance. Have an opening for an outside director? You might want to query John.

John is available to serve as an outside director on your firm’s board of directors, or on an advisory board. He can provide expert guidance on soft-skills professional development, marketing, PR/advertising, loss prevention, and risk management, among other topics. Even more important, he has the rare ability to understand how various issues link; e.g., the loss-prevention risks associated with a certain type of client or client representative, and how to prepare a proposal whose implementation would help keep risks in check. Speak with John to learn about his capabilities and availabilities.

Public Speaking: John has developed a variety of talks over the years, keynotes and otherwise, typically ranging from 30-45 minutes to one or two hours or more. He won’t accept an assignment unless he knows he can handle it well.

Wine Tastings: John has led dozens of tastings, selecting the wines and developing tasting games that most folks regard as delightful. John has done this for private groups, for convention/conference attendees, and others. Do you want John to lead a tasting for your firm or an organization you belong to? Just give him a call to discuss.

Ghost Writing: Close to 3,000 of John’s articles and columns have been published in an array of media, many under others’ bylines. Would you or your firm benefit from a bylined article or column? Speak with John.

John Bachner receives a Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades (4+) of service to the National Lighting Bureau and the lighting industry.