It’s worthwhile to pick up review snippets on this wine, to learn what a range of tasters has had to say. “Intense nose of bramble fruits, licorice, leather and tobacco. Very nice palate, with smooth and elegant tannins, balanced residual sugar and lingering finish.” (That was the Decanter magazine review. The reviewer blessed the bottle with 95 points, but that’s a bit of exaggeration, I’d say.) “A warm, modern style with notes of dark cherries, figs and coffee in a delicate oak frame. It's generous on the palate . . . .” “The wine is fruity, soft, dark-toned and intensive. In general, it is very good for the very affordable price!” “A tour of Italy in one bottle! An unusual but extremely tasty blend of Primitivo from Puglia, Montepulciano from Abruzzo, Nero d'Avola from Sicily, and Merlot from Veneto.” So, how much? $10. And you’ll thank me.

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