2017 Bent Press California Cabernet Sauvignon

Top wine reviewers can’t review every wine they receive for tasting. Sometimes some really good bargains go unheralded. So far, the only heralding done for this one has been by Invino, one of the few places to buy it. Vivono noted, “Bent Press’ story begins with three Sonoma families setting out to create their very first ‘home’ wine. Three men were sent to complete one simple task – picking up the wine press. In the excitement of it all, they forgot to securely strap the press to the truck bed. One sharp corner later, and the name ‘Bent Press’ was a staggeringly new reality. Luckily, winemaker Tom Meadowcroft has seen it all in his day – with stints as the top grape grower for Cakebread, Duckhorn, Far Niente, Mondavi, and others, as well as vintner and winemaker for his eponymous Meadowcroft wines…one small snafu doesn’t necessarily destroy a vintage!

“This is good. I mean seriously good, in an I-almost-don’t-believe-it sort of way. Under $10 cabernet sauvignon shouldn’t be this smooth on the attack, this complex across the palate, or this structured on the finish…it simply can’t be! But somehow, it is! Black cherries and plums, mixed berry cobbler, with mocha, black pepper, fragrant tobacco, and wild fennel...what a treat! For this price, it is just an incredible value, with a highly drinkable, pop-n-pour quality! Get a lot!” I did! $9.95 at Invino.

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