Here’s the one professional review I was able to find: “This holds a pleasant tension between Syrah’s depth of fruit and its spicier tendencies, with scents of anise, black pepper and lavender. It lingers on silky dark-plum flavors, with grippy tannins that will stand up to grilled lamb chops.” I usually do not review, settling instead for what professional tasters have to say. Here, I will make an exception. I was able to buy the wine for $12.99 per bottle; that’s about half price. I let it breathe for about two hours then poured. Wow! I know a lot of my readers like big, bold reds. Here’s one to elope with. I was completely blown away by the wine’s depth and the mélange of flavors circling my palate. I’ve had wines that are four times the price and half as good. Typical rating: 88-90. My rating: 92-93 and it should last for four to five years. Buy a bottle and then decide if you want a case. I could be wrong.

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