Pinot Noir this good should be selling for at least $30 and up; $40 and up when it’s from California or Oregon. But this wine is not from the States. It hails from Argentina, the source of some great wine at a reasonable price. This price of this one is not close to reasonable. It’s just plain stupid, frankly. Here’s what Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate reviewer Luis Gutiérrez had to say about it: “The floral and perfumed 2018 Terroir Único Pinot Noir is a great expression of the grape with intense flavors, great clarity and precision and a clean, long and tasty finish…. moderate alcohol, very good freshness and a medium body, which is like saying it’s super drinkable. This 2018 has to be one of the finest vintages for this bottling. It is a great value.” There is nothing shocking about a Pinot this good selling for $100+; what is shocking is this one’s price: less than $12. And it should easily last through 2022. I got mine at Saratoga Wine Exchange.

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