When Robert Parker himself labels a wine "One of the best values in Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere in the world," it's wise to pay attention. The wine in question is the Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County. I usually buy one case per year, and try to put aside at least four or five bottles for opening three or more years into the future. The latest vintage is the 2016, which is available from a variety of stores – including Total Wine and More – for $12 and change. That’s the case for the 2014 depicted, rated 90 points with a Parker-estimated drinking window of 2016-2026. I put the bottles aside because I know from experience that this juice ages beautifully, and as good as it is near term, long term it’s utterly amazing. As it so happens, the 2014 is a particularly outstanding year, depending on which critics you listen to, AND it’s still available on-line, although for a slightly higher price; $15-$20, which is why I get a case as soon as it’s released. (FYI: The two gentlemen astride the bottle both are corkscrews, anxious to serve!)

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