Almost-too-good-to-be-true Garnacha/Syrah red blend from Spain for how much? You’ve just got to be kidding!

Repeat after Me: “I Must Immediately Buy a Case of Mas Donis.”

When you’re buying a wine “blind” – without having tasted it – reading the reviews is important. And reading the reviews of tasters you trust is even more important, given that ratings can otherwise vary significantly, between, say, “FANTASTIC!” and “meh.” But the top tasters often agree and, when they do, instant reassurance. In this case, two tasters who often agree – William Kelley of Wine Advocate and Jeb Dunnuck of – in this case did not, but they didn’t disagree either. Kelley did not review a wine Dunnuck (formerly editor/publisher of Rhone Report and a top Wine Advocate writer) did. It’s a 2016-vintage red from the Montsant wine-growing area in Catalonia, Spain. Kelley rated his top four 2016 Montsant reds at 94 points each, with retail prices ranging up to $100. The one I’m writing about is an old favorite of mine, Celler de Capçanes Mas Donis Old Vines. Dunnuck rated it at 94 points and, I assume, Kelley will soon follow suit. In the meantime, Dunnuck’s comments (which I trust more than Kelley’s) are worth noting: "The finest vintage of this cuvée to date, the 2016 Mas Donis Old Vines is 85% Garnacha and 15% Syrah…. Tasting like a top Priorat with its beautiful blue fruits, violets, ground pepper, rose petals, and ample minerality, it hits the palate with medium to full-bodied richness, remarkable purity of fruit, and a great, great finish. Almost too good to be true, just pretend you paid more. Drink up. (2019-2021)." The price? As low as $10.90/bottle from Wine Legend, in Livingston, NJ. 94 points? $10.90? Unreal.

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