Welland Barossaa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Here’s the review by Invino, an online retailer I rely on frequently: “If this sounds simply too good to be true . . . I’m with you. I double and triple-checked this…94 POINTS? Under $15? It just didn’t seem possible. And this isn’t some backwoods, Bob’s wine reviews, either! Sam Kim’s Wine Orbit is like the Robert Parker of Down Under – been around forever, eminently respected, and, all-in-all . . . kind of a big deal! We scored on this stunning Barossa Valley cabernet sauvignon – now it’s your turn!

“Welland is a long-standing Barossa Valley stalwart, with vineyards planted in the region as far back as 1923. They’re considered to be one of the region’s founding families, and while Barossa is globally renowned for its work with Shiraz – Welland and other locals know a secret . . . Cabernet Sauvignon is the region’s hidden gem!

“This impressive and powerful young cabernet is awash in the black, red, and blue berry fruits that seem to define the Barossa Valley style, but with perfectly integrated oak barrel accents to keep everything in balance. Roasted herbs add another level of complexity, and the warm spice and barrel influences of vanilla, black pepper, clove, and cardamom give a weighty depth and sense of ripeness to all those myriad berry flavors. Despite all that, there is a mineral-driven acidity that keeps the wine exceptionally bright and fresh – extending the finish far beyond what one would expect in an UNDER $15 Cabernet Sauvignon. This is brilliant now but with plenty of giddy-up to run for several years yet.”

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