You don’t need a major victory of some kind as an excuse to drink good bubbly. “I’m awake!” is no big deal after all, unless your name is Rip van Winkle. But it works for me. And I’m not alone. WineEnthusiast reviewer Anne Krebiehl had this to say: “Creamy, mellow autolysis [What? Autolysis? I had to look it up: “Digestion of an enzyme by another molecule of the same enzyme.” Duh! I should have known.] on this wine's nose suggests bread and bread crust. Just as mellow, the palate buffers its freshness on the rich, fruity mellowness of ripe apple. The bubbles froth slightly, creating liveliness all the way to the dry finish.” She gave the wine 90 points. Frankly, however, I love the review that came in from wine merchant Invino. Sure it’s biased, but what the heck! “Wow! This might be the finest $15 bubbly we have EVER offered at Invino – normally $25, direct from Burgundy! Don’t miss! You just don’t see bubbly this good for $15, from ANYWHERE. ‘Cremant’ is generally a term for sparkling wine made outside of the official Champagne appellation, but the premise is the same. Burgundy, center of the world for the greatest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, particularly excels here. We bought as much as we could of this the moment we tasted it!

“This bubbly graces the palate with soft bubbles and vibrant effervescence of orange zest, lemon-lime, lemon curd, and crisp Fuji apples, that are beautifully intermingled with jasmine and baby’s breath flowers, and ends with creamy brioche notes. A delicate blend of 40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 30% Aligote. The addition of the Aligote grape adds an elegant complexity to the bubbles, with beautiful white flower aromatics that that pop right out of the glass.

“Dating back to 1895, Maison Moingeon was born in the village of Pommard and has been making high-quality Cremant for over a century! This is a rarity over here, as most of the production is consumed in France and the rest of Europe. We brought this in direct from the Domaine, thus the STUNNING price.

“YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT! Pure, bright, invigorating, this is sensationally perfect for all-the-time drinking and sharing. You CANNOT go wrong at our spectacular price – while it lasts!” Well, the last time I checked, it didn’t last. You can try Wine Searcher or keep on Googling. It’s worth the hunt.

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