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John P. Bachner


John P. Bachner

Owner and President



John Bachner is president and CEO of Bachner Communications, Inc., a business communication firm established in 1971. Part of John's business includes association management, which is how he first became involved with engineers. His firm was retained to manage the Consulting Engineers Council of Metropolitan Washington in 1971, and he was named executive director. He went on to manage (and serve as chief staff executive of) a number of other groups, including: ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association; Engineers Leadership Foundation; Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories; National Council of Acoustical Consultants; National Council of Structural Engineers Associations; Metropolitan Washington Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers; Consulting Engineers Educational Foundation; Institute for Professional Practice; Professional Liability Agents Network; and the Design and Construction Quality Institute. He also served as chief staff executive of the Property Management Association for almost 25 years, headed the Property Management Educational Foundation, the Mid Atlantic Council of Shopping Center Managers, the Metro Washington Heat Pump Association, and a number of others, including several in the area of medical research.


Bachner Communications does far more than just manage associations and foundations. John discovered that many of the managed organizations needed help in the communications field, to achieve a variety of needs. Toward that end he has had published more than 250 books, texts, manuals, and guides, plus well over 2,500 magazine articles, in trade media in particular. John is also a columnist whose works regularly appear in CE News (“Risky Business”) and GeoStrata (“GeoCurmudgeon”). He is the author of the ASFE Contract Reference Guide (editions 2, 3, and 3.1); the ECS Contract Reference Guide, editions 1 and 2; the DPIC Guide to Better Contracts; the RA&MCO Contract Reference Guide; and a number of well received books and guides on subjects such as forensic engineering, ADR, case histories, and limitation of liability, not to mention more than 100 works on energy conservation, lighting, and property management. John Wiley & Son published John's Practice Management for Design Professionals; van Nostrand Reinhold published his Marketing and Promotion for Design Professionals. McGraw Hill and Charles C. Thomas have published additional books by John, and he also has to his credit literally thousands of newsletters, case histories, brochures, and flyers. He has had more than a dozen movies produced; he has written, directed, and produced hundreds of successful television and radio ads; and he lectures and leads seminars throughout the United States and Canada on subjects such as risk management and profitability, contracts, effective field representation, and effective writing. ASCE awarded him its TCFE Forensic Engineering Award in 1990, even though he is not an engineer and has never served as an expert; he has also won awards for brochures and other publications he has developed.


After growing his firm into one of the largest PR firms in the Washington, DC area, John decided he was not happy being a manager as opposed to a practitioner. Accordingly, he dismissed a number of clients and staff, and today is involved "hands on" principally with ASFE, major clients in the electric industry, and several consulting firms and contractors. A native of Boston, MA, John has lived in the national capital area since 1967. He is a graduate of Harvard University and is listed in Who’s Who in America.